Techano QC 3.0 PD AC Charger


Techano Quick Charge 3.0 + PD AC Charger 18W

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  • 1 x USB output
  • 1 x Type C output
  • Quick charge 3.0 with smart chip
  • 4.8 amp
  • SAA Approved
  • PD AC Charger


What is PD & QC 3.0?

PD 3.0 Basics

PD 3.0 is a fast charging technology that was developed by the USB Implementers Because it’s an official part of USB technology, it can be supported by any manufacturer. No manufacturer has to pay extra licensing fees to incorporate PD 3.0 technology into their product. All they need to do is built the circuitry and the battery to the PD 3.0 specifications.

PD is short for “power delivery”. The technology is capable of delivering up to 100 watts of power, far more than any smartphone requires. However, this high wattage has some significant advantages. For instance, it can be used to power laptops. Apple’s new MacBooks all use it, and can even be used while they’re charging. This means you’re getting much better performance than you’d expect from a standard USB cable.


QC 3.0 Basics

QC 3.0 is similar to PD 3.0 in that it offers better charging performance than standard USB. Also like PD 3.0, both the charger and the device must be compatible with QC 3.0 for it to work. If your phone supports QC 3.0 but your charger doesn’t, you won’t gain any benefit. Similarly, if you use an older phone with a QC 3.0 charger, you’ll only charge at standard USB rates.

QC is short for “quick charge”, and it’s a proprietary technology developed by Qualcomm.


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