Techano Ultraprecise Nylon Braided USB-C Data | Sync Cable -Red


Faster charging & More time saving
Thick nickel-plated Oxygen-free copper plug offering 1.5 times faster transmission then normal USB cables

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  • Techano 1M USB-C Data | Sync Nylon Braided Cable – Red


Nylon Braided USB-C Data Cable

  • Strong Aluminium Alloy ends
  • Nylon Braided 1M Cable – Preventing knotting
  • 5V | 2.4a Max Output
  • Fast Transmission speeds of 480Mbps
  • Techano 2 Year worry free replacement guarantee
  • Durable cables featuring thicker nickel-plated andoxygen free copper plug
  • Heat resistant connector
  • 5000+ Bend lifespan – Up to 5X longer than standard cables
  • Compatible with all the latest fast charging devices

fast charging USB Type C data cable, can speed up your phone charging more than 90%. It is faster than the charging speed of most charging cable on the market.


Nylon Braided USB-C Data Cable

1. Data cable material 

At present, there are nylon, TPE, metal, mercerized cotton and so on in the market. TPE is a relatively common plastic, the cost of metal preparation is the most expensive, and it is not easy to bend. Mercerized cotton is smoother and feels better than nylon.

2. Plug material

Plug material has aluminum alloy, pc, zinc alloy. Zinc alloy plugs are more popular on the market and consumer feedback is better.

3. Copper core number

We all know that the thicker the wire, the smaller the resistance, and so is the data cable. The more wire cores of the same size, the smaller the resistance and the faster the natural charge.

4. Tolerable current

The higher charging current, the faster charging speed. If you use a 1A data cable and you use a 2A charger, not only can you not charge quickly, but you may also burn your phone or recharge head. Because that cable simply can’t withstand such a large current.

5. Intelligent chip

The charging of data cables, in addition to the excellent strength of their own, chips are also very important. The chip is the heart of the data cable.

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